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High PR Backlinks - Where Can You Find Them

Anyone who is doing search marketing knows all about the importance of high PR backlinks. The people who provide this kind of service have their hands quite full. So actually this is one way you can make money if you wanted to do it. But, if you do not want to do this yourself, then finding outsourcers is really very easy. However, if you have more time than money, then you're good and you can get it done.

If you focus on getting your links from high PR sites in your own niche, and using relevant anchor text, you'll be making the most of your efforts, and you can rise above sites with less relevant links. In other words, several high quality links have more value than tons of inferior ones. The choice is yours. Guest blogging for relevant, blogs and sites with high PR is great way to build quality links. You can find them easily by using Google's blog search, and searching under your main keywords. Write to the owner of the site and offer to write guest blogs for them. There's a popular method you can use to get high PR backlinks, but you should do it the right way. There are various automated programs for creating profiles on forums and social bookmarking sites to get lots of backlinks. This strategy can be modified by taking the trouble to create actual, rather than automated profiles and treating the sites respectfully. You naturally want to use the right anchor text so you create a quality backlink to your site. Then you'll have quality backlinks from high PR sites, and anchor text that helps you rank for your keywords. Even better, choose sites that are in the same niche as your main site.

Submitting your sites to directories is another method to gain high PR backlinks. Remember that you can find backlinks from low to high use any method you read about. So if you only want to focus on high PR backlinks that is fine. But also remember that Google looks for what is natural, so you may want to purposely include PR backlinks from low to high.

You can also find specialized directory submission services for directory backlinks. It is best to spread your backlinks around so you have them from as many varied sources as possible. You can find all kinds of software for various backlinking strategies and methods. The whole purpose of using software is to automate and save time. But, we very strongly urge you to be an extremely cautious shopper with these software programs. Never buy merely on the strength of the sales copy or even the testimonials you see. You must do independent research because we guarantee you will find that the truth of their performance is not found in the sales copy. Search and look in forums for the truth - big hint.

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